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5. 1. 2012

Od prodeje akciovky Efcon izraelcům (2005) jsem zůstal dělat 4 roky ve firmě Ness ředitele divize. Pak jsem odešel dělat ředitele brněnské pobočky firmy CSC. V roce 2011 - duben jsem díky stupňujícím se zdravotním problémům upřednostnil své zdraví před penězi, IT sféru opustil a mám se dobře, mám čas na své blízké, přátele i koníčky.


Radek Kubík


A graduate of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Masaryk University in Brno, his major fields were Mathematics – Biology and Computer Technology. Radek first worked as a teacher and a computer technology administrator at a Commercial Academy and Gymnasium. In 1993, he began working as a Unix network administrator for MS company. In 1995, he assumed responsibility for the computer centre for Management Serves International. In 1997, he became a Project Manager for the FCC Folprecht Brno company,  He was the promoter, chairman of the board and managing director of the Efcon company, He was division director of the Ness.








Director of the division


Radek is responsible of the 1 from 6 divisions of the Ness.







NESS s.r.o. (2005-2007, Ness acquired EFCON)






Director, Chairman of the board


Radek was responsible about the managing of the company.

Structure of the Efcon was made by 3 divisions (SAP, Documentum, Development). The main shareholders of the company were from the Swiss, Germany and Austria. Radek owned 5% of the company.  Company was profitable and the rating of the company was 100 class of the Czech companies from the point of the revenue.  Radek was responsible of the selling company (acquisition).






NESS s.r.o. (2005-2007, Ness acquired EFCON)










Project Manager


Project Y2K






Logica s.r.o. (1999-2000, Logica made acquision of the FCC Folprecht)


Project was about the transfer of the SW and  HW of the whole rafinery to the new century without the fault. (1500 users)



Project Manager

FCC Folprecht Brno, s. r. o. (1997 - 1999 continuously)



Management of the System Integration project for Česká rafinérská, a. s. company

Česká rafinérská a. s. company

Project involving complete technical environment implementation:

ATM LAN/WAN network, dozens of Novell and NT servers, 600 stations, 100 notebooks, Internet/Intranet, Lotus Notes, management, operation of hundreds of applications, etc.

A project of tailor-made applications, linked to the information system and partly to the control system as well.

Project of Document Management System.



Management and coordination of project managers, implementation and service work management, coordination of subcontractors





The project managers’ team in Česká rafinérská, a. s., led by Radek, managed to carry out a transition from the situation in which a customer hired from third parties all the services related to the IT environment provision (IT infrastructure hire, hire of application operation and maintenance services, etc.), to one in which the customer has a completely built his/her own IT environment (including the R/3 system) and is just exchanging data with the third parties.

Radek was responsible for implementation work completion and management, coordination of technical consultants’ and subcontractors’ work, quality of technical consultants’ performance, meeting deadlines on schedule as well as observing the other terms and conditions of the contract, management of the programmers’ team (completion of 25 tailor-made applications), implementation of the Document Management System on the Lotus Notes platform (Office documents’ administration).

The main challenge of the implementation work was to cope with critical situations involving considerable time pressure (e.g. a task to complete readdressing during the weekend, involving a transfer of applications from the old servers to the new ones, or the necessity to install 50 stations over the weekend, etc.).





Manager of MSI Computer Centre


1995 - 1997



Project Creating Company’s Own Information System

Radek was responsible for creating company’s own information system for product sale management in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Bolivia, Cyprus, United States, and Canada. The information system was used for the sales management of several dozens kinds of products.


The Individual Projects:


Personnel Management





Stock Exchange Systems

Information Data Bank

Project of data transfer and processing for Hypo Construction Savings Bank

Project of data processing and evaluation for the Industrial Pension Fund


The specific feature of the individual projects is that each system was designed in line with the respective country’s legislation, and has a parameterized multilingual character.




System administrator

MS 1993 - 1995



Radek held the post of computer network administrator. Within the scope of his job he administered OS PICK, SCO UNIX and AIX UNIX in the Brno, Prague, Ostrava, Bratislava, Košice, Krakow, Warsaw and Budapest computer centres. He managed the in-house project involving a computer network with a distributed data bank.




Radek was teacher of the biology, mathematics, information technologies. He was also responsible about the IT background of the schools.

Secondary school, gymnasium , comercial academy(1988-1992)




Radek  spent 1 year in the czech army as the specialist of the radioelectronic fighting with the rank as a lieutenant inside the staff.









Leading the shareholders company: Acqusitions:

  Managing IT company, Managing IT division, Resource,

  finance, project control and plannig:

Planning (personnel, financial); Personnel management

Organization of work


PC, IBM servers of 6000 series – architecture and basics



Lotus Notes, OS PICK, SCO UNIX, AIX UNIX ,GL language, SB+, UNIVERSE, SAP, Documentum,, Pascall, Basic, Office, Exchange,…



Masaryk University, Faculty of Natural Sciences


Czech (mother  tongue)

English (intermediate)


Radek Kubík was born in 1961;

he is married with one child.





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